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 PS3 updates - Download on PC and transfer by USB stick?

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PostSubject: PS3 updates - Download on PC and transfer by USB stick?   Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:37 am

Put simply, is it possible?

I can't get a PS3 online due to having dial up, so my best bet is downloading them on PC. But, is this possible? Can I download them by PC, shove 'em on a USB stick and install them on the PC?

No doubt I could download them, as everything is on the internet somewhere. But, as you've guessed by now, I don't know if they'd work on the PS3.

By downloads, I mean:
- Firmware updates
- Game updates
- Backwards compatibility software patches (included in firmware?)

Thanks! bounce

Also, does anyone know of any good PS3 blogs/websites? I don't want a fanboy/bias one though, or at least not ones that claim everything that isn't a PS3 is crap, those ones just piss me off. I subscribe to quite a few RSS feeds, but most don't seem to have many PS3 posts. Also, what about PS3 podcasts? For both, an RSS feed is not essential, but HUGELY preferred. In fact, it pretty much is essential. Thanks. Smile
EDIT: Found a couple. PS3 on looks good, and also looks interesting (and not very fanboyish Smile). Any others?

download ps3 games
how to download ps3 games to your ps3
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PS3 updates - Download on PC and transfer by USB stick?
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