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 Top Ten Xbox 360 games

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PostSubject: Top Ten Xbox 360 games   Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:15 am

My list of the best 10 games on the 360. I should have made a top 20, because a few choices were hard, and The Orange Box is not on the list, because Half-Life 2 is one of the best games of all time, but I will always think of it as a computer game, which is where I played it first....

10: Left 4 Dead 2...Left 4 Dead 1 just missed this list, but the second game is better in just about every way, with more variety in level design, weapons and enemies.

9: Dead Space...One of the surprises of this generation, a game that sucks you in like no other....except maybe Bioshock.

8: Gears of War 2...another game where the first game was amazing, but I liked this one just a bit more. To bad about the crap last boss though.

7: Assassins Creed 2....I did not want this game to end, and I love the progression of your main character.

6: Rainbow Six Vegas 2...A game where the multiplayer overshadows the solid single player. Terrorist hunts on veteran...a stroke of genius.

5: Saints Row sandbox game ever...

4: Bioshock...A game experience that sucks you in, and never lets go.

3: Borderlands...Biggest game surprise of all time.

2: Mass Effect...If not for the repetitive side missions, this could easily be number one, even with that slow ass elevator.

1: Fallout 3....No words necessary.

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Top Ten Xbox 360 games
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