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 What 3 games should I buy? New PS3 owner...

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PostSubject: What 3 games should I buy? New PS3 owner...   Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:26 pm

Hi all. Just bought a PS3 a couple weeks ago and am loving it along with my 360.
I purchased Killzone 2 and finished it.
I also own Resistance, MLB 09 The Show, MGS4 and The original Metalstorm.
Now here is my question. This weekend Gamestop has buy 2 used games get one free.
What games are a must have or great games to own used?
I know I want "Uncharted" as one out of the 3.
Thanks for you advice in advance.

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What 3 games should I buy? New PS3 owner...
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