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 How to Backup Wii Games

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PostSubject: How to Backup Wii Games   Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:16 am

Creating a backup of favorite Wii games is an important way to prevent total loss in case a game disc gets damaged, corrupted or lost. A simple backup procedure will not only preserve your game data but also help save you lots of time and money in cases of lost or damaged discs.
Step 1:
Find a DVD-ROM drive that is specifically designed to backup Wii games. One high quality and inexpensive drive capable of backing up Wii games is the LG GDR-8164B, which can be found at for a reasonable price. Other compatible drives are the LG-8163b, the LG-8162b and the LG-8161b. It is crucial that you purchase the correct drive. otherwise the backup process will not work properly.
Step 2:
Install the drive onto your computer following manufacturer's instructions. Once this is complete you need to download the following software applications: Raw dump 2.0, net Framework 2.0 and WinRar.
Step 3:
Complete the installation process for the applications. Right click on the Rawdump.rar icon and select "Extract to rawdump2.0\" in order to make a desktop folder called "Rawdump."
Step 4:
Insert your Wii game into the LG drive you installed. Once the game is in the drive, double click the "Rawdump" folder on your desktop. After the folder has opened, double click the Rawdump.exe icon to initiate the process.
Step 5:
Watch for Rawdump to open an interface window in which one option is "Start Dump." Select the "Start Dump" option and sit back and relax, as the process can take up to a few hours.
Step 6:
Check the size of the file created once the dump is complete. Do this by opening the directory that contains the Rawdump.exe file. You will find your dump file labeled with the name of the game and a .ISO extension. Right click the ISO file, choose properties and check the file size. The file size should be exactly 4.37 GB (4,699,979,776 bytes). If there is any deviation from this norm the dump process did not complete properly and needs to be redone.
Step 7:
Open a DVD/CD burning software such as Nero. If, like Nero, the software automatically opens a "Create disc" dialog, cancel out of it so that you can begin the process manually. Choose a "Burn disc" option in the burn software and select the ISO image that you dumped into your Rawdump directory. Begin burning at a relatively slow speed for your first try.

burn wii games
how to backup wii games
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How to Backup Wii Games
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