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 How to become a Mod or Admin

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PostSubject: How to become a Mod or Admin   Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:50 am

To become a Mod it is relativly easy. Here are the requirements

* You have to be relatively active on the site (like once every few days)
* Reply to the posts made by others, comment on them
* Posts some new topics for others to reply to
* When you think you have been on the site for a good amount of time then just ask us, we will make you mod on the site and chat

To become an Admin its not that hard either

* Do most of the things you do as a mod
* Get some members
* Show you want it
* Ask and we will see, it might just take around a week and you will be chat admin

Anyways you guys might think you will NEVER become an admin or mod or antyhing on this site but think again, we are willing to make alot of people mod on this site so if you wish to be a mod dont worry we will make you but you must contribute somthing to the site.

We will be accepting site admins in a much more stricter form, therefore it will be much harder to become a site admin. However becoming a site mod will be very easy. In addition becoming a mod or admin on the chat in the portal will be EASIER so get your hands up, email us and we WILL let you be a mod or admin or whatever.

Thanks for reading.
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How to become a Mod or Admin
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