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 Why does the PS3 download so slow?

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PostSubject: Why does the PS3 download so slow?   Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:45 am

I am now getting sick and tired of how long it takes the PS3 to download trailers, game demos etc but most of all why it takes so long to download the System update.
On Friday I booted it up along with my 360 to see what there was to download, they are both connected via wireless and sit right next to each other so the exact same distance from my BT Home Hub.
The PS3 said it needed to download System update so I set it on it's way and moved onto the 360. I downloaded 5 game trailers each between 70MB and 230MB and then downloaded the demo for nuts and bolts which I think was just over 1GB.
When the nuts and bolts was the only thing left to download I moved back over to the PS3 and it was at 43%........*****???
I used my laptop, again over wireless and went onto the PS website to see how big the update file is, it was 137MB, I started to download from my laptop and it was downloading at 300k per second and estimated a few minutes.
So I ask why does the PS3 take so long to download what two other devices seem to sail thru?

Does anyone else encounter slow PS3 downloading?
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PostSubject: Re: Why does the PS3 download so slow?   Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:04 am

well, they have servers capped at like 1200kbs i think thats ok for me, but i think your internet is just slow.

also if your looking for free ps3 games go to, its invite only so send me your email address at and ill send you a free invite it really works its probs the only site where you get free ps3, wii, ds, xbox 360 and things like laptops and ipods for freeee.

and no stupid surveys, just points for watching music videos, episodes, movie trailers and answering questions like 'do you read horoscopes' also you get points for logging in!

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Why does the PS3 download so slow?
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