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 15-years-old ***** earned 140,000 dollars for sex sale

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PostSubject: 15-years-old ***** earned 140,000 dollars for sex sale   Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:19 am

According to The Sun spent weeks as the girl attends school, while she prostitute themselves on the weekends. She claimed to be 18 years old when she met their male customers in hotels.

The shocking double life was revealed when a teacher found condoms in her skolesekken. The police were called and they brought the girl home.

Suspect parents
When they crawled her home city, took the pound sterling equivalent of approximately 80 000 million in cash hidden in the attic. And step-mother who lived in the house was immediately arrested, as police initially suspected them both to operate as a pimp. There was, however, later revealed that the 15-year-old operated on their own, and both were released.

Youth was not arrested when the police are still looking at her as a victim in this case. They requested, however to confiscate money they found in the house in South Tyneside, because this profit was achieved through crime.

Confiscated "salary"
The police claim that her total earnings during the two months was about 140 000 dollars, which would give a yearly income of 840 000 dollars if she had not been discovered.

If it was this or other motives that drove the girl out of prostitution is not ready. She has lived in England for the past two years, while her original nationality has not been made public.

This text have i written. I translated it from norwegian.
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15-years-old ***** earned 140,000 dollars for sex sale
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