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 Xbox 360 hints.

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PostSubject: Xbox 360 hints.   Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:46 am

1. Don't let the 360 be standing! If you let the xbox lie, it get's less of air, so therefore it's more easy to get the red ring of death, and if you get it, you must supply the 360 to the reconditioning in circa 2 weeks. But if you let the xbox 360 be standing and you touch the 360 a little hard, when the 360 is on and a game is in it, the game will be scratched and you can't play it anymore, so.. if you are smart, then you let it lie!

2. Don't lift the xbox when the 360 is on, the game will be scratched!

3. Be careful with the xbox, you don't get assurance on the 360 if you are unlucky with the xbox!

4. If you want XBOX LIVE GOLD membership. Try it first, free XBOX LIVE GOLD in 1 month follow with every Xbox 360's! more information here : )

5. Save all your game on the hard disk, do it before you play it, it make the xbox to not make a noise and if you get a little of scratched, it's more chance to clear to play the game without nick and error reports in the game.

- Truls .
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Xbox 360 hints.
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